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For sale: Fertile Hatching eggs

Blue/Black/Splash Standard Orpingtons - $4.00 per egg

My Mix Bunch - i.e. easter eggers, bantums, red sex links, black sex links (you'll get a variety) - $1.50 per egg

You may mix and match eggs if you like.
I DO ship, but cannot guarantee hatch rate success, do to the fact that I myself am not hatching them. Pick - up is available if your local. e-mail me for more info. I ship via USPS with delivery confirmation. If it is to cold, I won't ship them. I package each individual egg carefully. Double packaging to insure that they arrive safe and sound. You may e-mail me if your interested @ witchesbrew75@yahoo.com. Eggs are on a first come first serve basis.

Welcome to my chicken yard! I have quite the colorful bunch of chickens. Some are just "muts" but have personalities just the same. Others, such as my Blue/black/splash Orpingtons, have that special flare to them.

I love them all, and so does my daughter. My bunch consists of bantums, easter eggers, red and black sex links, a leghorn, blue, black, splash orpingtons, and 2 white pekin ducks.

I am hoping to add a little bit of English orpington blood to my lines. As soon as I get enough money to import a few (sigh) or find someone here in the states to work with. I have saved a few from my line that I am currently breeding, that are very typey, & have great lacing. English blood, would greatly improve them for sure!

Here are some pictures of my bunch. Starting with the Orpingtons.


Here is Pierre, the head honcho with the girls. He's actually a big wussy, and would rather run and hide than fight. Guess you could say he is a lover not a fighter.

Pierre has a total of 8 girls in his pen with him, some of them are hiding, since they despise getting their pictures taken. 2 black, 2 splash, and the rest of the girls are blue.

Here they all are trying desperately to get back into the coop away from my prying eyes. I swear, every time I get my camera out, they freak out!

Love how she just pushes Pierre aside and muscles her way into the coop...LOL

I caught them inside the coop, some of the girls were already roosting for the night. I use heat lamps in all of my coops, as it gets bitterly cold here in Wisconsin some nights, and I don't want, frozen feet, waddles and combs. So they stay pretty toasty here in the winter.

The other side of the coop is reserved for most of the roosters of the bunch. When I first hatched my orps, I had the same amount of roos to hens......(sigh) yea, great. But they are confined to their side of the pen, and seem to get along quite well, although some tend to pick on one particular rooster, but he manages to stay his distance from the rest, so he doesn't get picked on.

The bachelor pad......all the guys hanging out, the one in front, the light one, his name is sterling, he is the head man in the fraternity. He is not going to be used for breeding, because of his coloring, and he isn't of orpington type, (don't know were he came from) LOL But, he is a sweetheart, and when he is around the ladies, he's a true gentleman. He likes his waddles petted, and enjoys eating from your hand and sitting on your lap....so yeah...be kind of hard to get rid of him.

more pics of the guys

A picture of Sterling, I think he is so handsome. A beautiful bird. A shame I can use him for any breeding. His temperament is exceptional.

Brown in him? Have no idea were this came from.....LOL

The pictures really don't do him justice, he is a stunning bird.

Now, onto what I call the "mutt" pen.

Here is our beloved Winston. He is another sweetheart. I guess i have been blessed with good mannered Roos. He's good to his ladies. First out of the coop, and the last in. Always gives food first to the girls, and he eats last. He's also very protective of our daughter. Not sure if he sees her as one of the flock? LOL Not sure, but it is funny, he even tries to bring her kernels of whatever, and drops them in front of her, as if to say, here, eat this.

May the goddess help what ever other roo or foreign object comes into Winston's pen, he fights furiously to protect his girls, I have seen it.

This is Gurdy

All the other girls cowering in the corner..."ack!, hide, she has the camera again!!!!!"