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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Cleaning

I started it.....but not in the house yet...LOL I feel there's no point in spring cleaning indoors if I cannot open my windows to let out that stale air. And it certainly isn't warm enough here to do that yet. However it was warm enough out to get a jump start on my spring cleaning outside. Since I was to lazy, and frankly burnt out last fall from summer projects, to even clean out the beds, I get the lovely privledge of doing them in the spring. Yay!

However, I only had got the grapes, raspberries and half of my strawberry bed cleaned and pruned when we got a foot or more of snow dumped on us yet again. Just when everything was drying out nicely and the daffodils and crocus were peaking out from their winter slumber...BAM! Mother nature, was PMSing.

You know it's like I say....SNOW.... it's like the attractive guy across the bar, at first mysterious and interesting. But when you get acquainted.... you realize.... it's just a big inconvenience. Pretty much sums it up.

Nothing is getting done as of yet......Our greenhouse sits idle, because it's just to damn chilly and windy out to even atempt to put the greenhouse cover on to get it going....(sigh) bah!

However...there is one thing my daughter and I had fun doing this past week, and that was getting our seeds ready. we spent the better part of the day making our newspaper cups and filling them with soil and planting our seeds. At least we are getting a jump start on that! Broccoli, cauliflower, eggplant, and peppers so far.

Finally, new life emerging! I love it, I have been devoid of the color green waaayyy to long!!!!!


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  1. I've been a little luckier with the weather, but the rain is still holding off my new dirt, without which I cannot plant! My seedlings will cry if next weekend passes them by.